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Interview with the Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Cino, Parents’ Committee members

The following was an interview with Julie and Vincent Cino from Millburn, New Jersey. The
Cino’s have two sons, Christopher, a high school senior and Robert, a junior at Villanova.
The Cino’s are both members of the Parents’ Committee.

Fresh@news: What has your experience as a Villanova parent been like?
Mr. Cino: We’ve been very fortunate. Robert was happy from the minute he set foot onto
campus. Robert participated in the New Student Retreat in July, which was very good for
him. Of course when we dropped him off at Orientation, we still had that pang… will he like
Villanova? Did he make the right choice? He had made so many friends over the course of
the summer retreat weekend, that a huge weight had been lifted. Robert was a kid who had
never been away from home and he felt at home right away. He made a good decision. Since
then, he’s gotten involved in a number of things on campus such as Campus Ministry, Delta
Tau Delta fraternity and he’s also going to write for the school newspaper.

Fresh@News: What do you like about Villanova?
Mr. Cino: Well, it’s funny. I’ve heard my brother, who graduated in ‘87, talk about
Villanova forever. I’ve never met anyone who said they didn’t have a good experience here.
My brother really pushed my son to look at Villanova. When Robert was a senior in high
school, my brother took Robert to visit the school. He pointed out all of the important
places on campus. He even pointed out the place where he and his friends were crying
because they were graduating and leaving Villanova. I can remember Robert saying, “What is
wrong with you?” Then one time, we came to visit and Robert said to me, “Now I know what
Uncle Rich meant?” Robert is sad that he’s already a junior. They don’t want to leave.
That sort of says it all.

Fresh@news: What were some of the biggest differences that you noticed between first and
second semester of Robert’s freshman year?
Mr. Cino: Robert’s level of self confidence was palpable. He was no longer a child. He
really became autonomous in the few months between September and December from living on his
own. What we found odd was that he couldn’t wait to come back to Villanova. Now he
doesn’t want to come home at all.

Fresh@news: How do you think your relationship with your son has changed?
Mrs. Cino: It’s hard to articulate how our relationship has changed. I think he’s more of
an adult now. We have different conversations about what he’s involved with on campus.
We’ve talked about his classes, specifically theology. He’s more thoughtful now. He brings
home his books for theology. The last time he was home, he told me, “Ma you have to read
this book about Jesus. We read it in class.” That was a real change. He’s telling me what
to read. This is a kid who’s an English major who never read at home! Of course, he’s
seems like a little boy when he needs something, but he has also developed so much. Since
we’re very close it’s hard to notice a big change.

Fresh@news: In your opinion, what are some of the unique qualities of a Villanova education?

Mr. Cino: I like the continuation of a catholic education. I spoke to him Monday after the
Superbowl. I asked him, did you watch the game? He told me he missed the ending because he
had to get to 10:00 mass. He goes to church every Sunday. Most of the time at home, we
dragged him. You worry, are they going to drift away. It’s easy for him to stay
connected. It was a concern for us, but not for all parents. Robert likes going to church
at Villanova. It’s stunning. You go to any college and you’ll probably get a good
education. It’s the intangibles Villanova offers. The value system that it passes onto the
students is what’s important.

Mrs. Cino: We’ve also met a number of people on campus, who deeply care about the students
and their well being. From personal experience, Robert lived in Delury. Father Laird lived
in the same building. It was nice to have an adult influence around him. There was even a
situation where Father Laird called us at home to let us know about Robert. Another time,
we were in Villanova Diner during parents’ weekend. One of his professors walked by and
said, “Hi Robert, are these your parents?” His professors really know him by name and we
like that. I don’t think you find that at every school.

Fresh@news: Often parents place a strong emphasis on grades, did you notice any changes in
his grades?
Mr. Cino’s: When he came to school, he thought he was well prepared. He never felt
overwhelmed. He never did well in Math and always could do better; but he doesn’t like
math. College has allowed him to focus on the courses that he really likes and the things
that he’s good at. Last semester, was the first semester he could really chose what he
wanted to take and he had his best semester yet! I do see the benefit of the core
curriculum. It gives you a more well-rounded student.

Mrs. Cino: He once called and said, “You know, Ma. I think I might drop Biology. My
fraternity brother told me I should drop it.” I told him, “You are not going to drop
Biology and you are not going to get a D!” He finally went to speak with the teacher.
Sometimes they get false information from their friends. I had to encourage him to work a
little harder. He was still going to have to take it. That was a benefit of having small
classes and knowing the teacher. You can talk to the professor. We encourage our son to
take advantage of what they have here with the professors. There are also other resources
such as the Writing Center and tutors for almost anything. Sometimes it’s just a matter of
getting them to go!

Fresh@News: What advice would you give to freshman parents?
Mr. Cino: I would tell other parents not to worry so much. We are so nervous when they go
away and they really are in good hands here. It’s a very nurturing environment.

Fresh@news: Tell me a little more about the parents’ committee?
Mr. Cino: It’s a very valuable organization. There are a number of parents who get
together regularly to spread the word beyond the northeast about Villanova. We are trying
to get more parents involved so that they know what happens at Villanova. It helps to keep
other parents connected. It’s great to meet other parents and to hear what their children
tell them. Of course another goal is to help raise funds for the school.

The Campaign for Villanova
Parents Committee
* The Parents Committee will consist of parents of current and former students who serve as
advocates and spokespersons for The Campaign.
* The Parents Committee will cultivate and solicit parents for gifts for capital and
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* Additional Parents Committee focus will be in the areas of student life, career services
and enrollment management.

For more information about the Parents’ Committee, please contact Patty McGoldrick, Director
of the Parents’ Program at patricia.mcgoldrick@villanova.edu

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