[Fresh] Dean of Students Interview

Kelly Donio (kelly.donio@villanova.edu)
Fri, 30 Sep 2005 10:45:36 -0400

Interview with Paul Pugh, Dean of Students.

Fresh@news. Tell us a little about the Dean of Students Office.

Dean Pugh. The Dean of Students Office supports students in all aspects
of their lives and assists students in their development as individuals
and as members of the community. It is an excellent resource and good
starting place for students to help answer their questions or help them
resolve their concerns. The Office has responsibility for administering
the Code of Student Conduct and for providing assistance to those
students with alcohol or drug concerns. Additionally, the Office
coordinates House Call Ė Connecting the Campus One Student at a Time.
The Office also oversees the Office of International Student and Human
Services which works with our international students and those students
with physical disabilities.

Fresh@news. Can you describe the House Call Program?

Dean Pugh. House Call is a program designed to reach out to Freshmen in
their residence hall rooms. We want to reinforce the Augustinian value
of a caring community, isolate potential problems and highlight positive
developments. On Wednesday, September 14th, approximately 90
administrators, faculty members and coaches visited over 1,200 freshmen
resident students. House Call provides faculty, staff and administrators
with a unique perspective into the every day life of our students while
reinforcing that learning takes place both inside and external to the

Fresh@news. Where there any major themes or topics that the students
brought up?

Dean Pugh. Overall, the students responded very positively about their
initial weeks at Villanova from an academic, residential and social
perspective. Some internet and maintenance issues were raised and those
have been forwarded to the appropriate department for resolution.

Fresh@news. What advice would you give parents about underage drinking?

Dean Pugh. Awareness is crucial. Over the summer every freshmen was
provided a personal identification number (PIN) and the ability to
access NOVASIS. One item on the main menu of NOVASIS was ďFreshmen 2005Ē
which contained housing, dining, and medical information, and a synopsis
of the Universityís alcohol policy. Additionally, I sent a letter to the
parents of incoming freshmen addressing the alcohol policy so that
students and parents could review it together. Students will be held to
this policy, so itís important that they understand it. Secondly, talk
to your son/daughter about drinking. You know your children better than
we do and it is important that they make responsible decisions. Iíve
seen many students make poor, short-term decisions around alcohol and
really hurt their future because of it. Continue to talk with your
son/daughter even though you are far away. Ask questions about what is
happening on campus, in their residence hall and even with their
roommates. Often, students will talk more openly about others than they
will about their own personal behavior.

Fresh@news. If students do get into trouble with alcohol, will you
notify the parents?

Dean Pugh. Every time a student is found with alcohol, we donít
necessarily send a letter home. However, when a student is placed on
probation, we do send a letter home. This is a more serious sanction and
the student could lose housing privileges or be suspended from the
university for subsequent violations.

Fresh@news. When should a parent call your office?

Dean Pugh. Parents call our office all the time for a number of reasons.
Some parents donít know where else to turn, so they call us. If we canít
help you, we can usually point you in the right direction to get the
appropriate information you need. Our office phone number is (610)
519-4200. In an emergency during the evenings or weekends, parents can
contact the Office of Public Safety at (610) 519-4444.

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