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Hard to believe that students are on “Spring” break when there is still snow on the ground…also hard to believe is that your student is considered a “Rising Sophomore” by Housing Selection lingo! Today we are talking with Ms. Marie Schauder, Assistant Director of Housing Services in Residence Life, to learn more about the Housing Lottery and Selection Process.



Fresh@News: In a few weeks, the class of 2013 will begin selecting their rooms and roommates for next year. We've heard more than a few conversations about this topic already; can you tell us what the experience is like for the members of the class of 2013?

Ms. Schauder: This process has been on the minds of the freshmen class for months. Who to live with is a big decision for a college student, and this topic will pick up more steam for the next few weeks.


Fresh@News: So how does the process work?

Ms. Schauder: Prior to the start of the Rising Sophomore Housing Lottery and Selection Process, one of the first steps is for students to find a roommate for next year.   Sometimes they choose to stay with their current roommate or they choose to find someone else with whom they feel they may be more compatible with them.


Fresh@News: What kind of issues come up at this stage of the game?

Ms. Schauder: Mostly it works out, but there are some painful moments too. Sometimes one half of a roommate team wants to stay together, and the other wants to live with someone else. There can be hurt feelings and awkwardness. 


Fresh@News: Any thoughts or suggestions to pass along as far as finding a roommate?

Ms. Schauder: Students should seek someone with a similar life-style (e.g., study habits, sleeping habits).  Usually the students start by looking at the students who live on their hall. This is a good strategy, but often it makes just as much sense to look for connections in their classes.  Looking for someone who approaches academic work in a similar fashion is often a good place to start.


Fresh@News: Suppose the student just can't find a roommate?

Ms. Schauder: This happens more often than students think and for a variety of reasons.  Usually about 25% of the class does not pick a roommate and will choose a single room assignment or desires to be assigned a random roommate.  Students just go into the process by themselves and choose their desired room and hall assignment based on what is available at their selection times.  Their roommate will be determined by who selects the second space in the room through the selection process.  Often enough the pairs who end up together work out well and stay together in the future.


Fresh@News: What if a student desires to live in a single room?

Ms. Schauder: We are finding that each year there are more students who desire single rooms. We have singles available for sophomores in Austin, Corr, St. Mary’s and St. Rita’s. The rooms vary in size. I recommend that students interested in single rooms, go to these halls to take a look at the various options available before selecting a hall and room during their selection time.


Fresh@News: What happens next?

Ms. Schauder: The next step is that the students will be provided information via email regarding the Rising Sophomore Housing Lottery and Selection Process.  This information will also be posted on the Residence Life website for parents to review.  Briefly, the first step will be for students to complete and submit a Housing Contract.  The Housing Contract will be available via NOVASIS to students beginning Monday, March 22nd through Wednesday, March 31st.   Students who submit a Housing Contract will receive a lottery number and housing selection date and time.  On Thursday, April 8th, students will be able to access their housing lottery number and housing selection date and time via NOVASIS.  At their designated time, students will select a hall and room assignment.  If they have a preferred roommate, they will need to have their roommate’s VU ID number to include on the selection form.  Detailed information regarding the Rising Sophomore Lottery and Housing Selection Process will be available the week of March 15th via email and the Residence Life website.


Fresh@News: So what are the most popular residence halls for the class of 2013?

Ms. Schauder: As in any real-estate operation, the three most important factors are, "Location, location, and location." A lot of first year students want to live next year in the "Quad." These two buildings, Sullivan and Sheehan, are on our main campus and house approximately 800 sophomore students (about half of the class). We anticipate these spaces becoming more popular due to impending renovations occurring this summer.  The halls will receive a significant facelift.  Another popular hall is Fedigan, which was renovated last summer and is currently the only main campus hall with air conditioning.  Along with these main campus halls are Corr, Austin and St. Rita’s.  These halls are popular for their single room.  Also popular is Good Counsel, which is on South Campus where students enjoy the air conditioning and spacious rooms with sinks.


Fresh@News: What advice do you have for parents?

Ms. Schauder: Housing is an issue that has a big emotional charge for students, and a wide range of feelings can be evoked.  Students sometimes need to be encouraged to get accurate information from residence life before they make assumptions based on what they have heard from friends. Sometimes the things they are frustrated about can be fixed, so they need to be encouraged to talk to someone before they get too upset. Often students will talk to their parents before they have really found out exactly what is going on, and then the parents pick up the concern of the students. The first path to take is to have the student try to sort out the problem with someone on campus. If that doesn't seem to be working, we also encourage parents to call us at any time and we will do our best to assist you.  Please be patient, usually it all gets sorted out through a discussion with the student. Parents can also look at our website at www.reslife.villanova.edu, which has a lot of information about the halls and housing at Villanova, and more specific information regarding the Rising Sophomore Housing Lottery and Selection Process will be posted on the website by the week of March 15th.   





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