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[Fresh] Class of 2013 Parents!


This message is intended for parents of the Class of 2013.  If you are a parent of an incoming freshman in the Class of 2014, please disregard this message.


Congratulations to the parents of the Class of 2013 on your student’s successful freshman year at Villanova! We know that you play a large part in supporting your son or daughter and we appreciated the opportunity to communicate with you during their first year.


We invite you to participate in a survey to evaluate the 2009-2010 Fresh@News program. Some of you have indicated that you would like this service to continue as parents of Sophomores, and there is an opportunity on the survey for you to enter topics you would like to see covered. If we have enough interest, we may decide to communicate with Sophomore parents in a similar way.


Please click on this link to complete the short survey:




We thank you for your participation and hope that you enjoy your summer!