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[Fresh] Fresh@News: Happy Thanksgiving!





Fresh@News would like to wish you and your family a very

Happy  and Healthy Thanksgiving.


We asked members of the Class of 2016 what they are most thankful for and would like to share a few responses with you…



*    Family and the friends that I have made at Nova as well as the friends I have at home.


*    For my health and the health of my family members.


*    That I have been given the opportunity to excel and do well in life.


*    That I have had a great few months at Villanova and I have made many friendships that I know will be long-lasting.


*    Having been able to come to Villanova and being given the opportunity to succeed in the future.


*    For my family who continue to support me even when I am away at school.


*    Villanova basketball!


*    For my awesome family…and my dog!


*    High quality of life and for the chance to learn at a school with such a great academic reputation.


*    Thanksgiving BREAK!!!


*    The support of my family through all the tough times.


*    That I made the right choice in choosing Engineering.


*    For my family and friends who support me when life is rough.



We hope that you have a wonderful holiday with your student

and that you both enjoy your time together!



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