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[Fresh] Fresh@News: Spotlight on Leadership


During this edition of Fresh@News, we will find out more about leadership opportunities on-campus through our interview with Ralph Gigliotti, Assistant Director of Student Development for Leadership Programs.  There are some great new initiatives being developed for freshmen that will benefit the student individually as well as the campus community as a whole.


Fresh@News: Can you explain how leadership development fits into the world of Student Life?

Ralph Gigliotti:   The Division of Student Life seeks to develop confident and well-rounded students outside of the classroom. By getting involved in any of our leadership programs, students are challenged to grow both personally and professionally during their time at Villanova. Grounded in the social change and servant leadership models, all of our leadership programs and opportunities encourage students to take on leadership positions for sincere and earnest reasons: to enact positive change for those around you.   We also work closely with several academic departments on campus to incorporate leadership education inside the classroom. By collaborating with our friends in Academic Affairs, students will be able to develop an expansive understanding of and appreciation for leadership.  I am excited to have this position that allows me to work with many aspiring and current student leaders at Villanova.


Fresh@News: What kind of programs or services do you offer to the students?

R.G.: The office runs many leadership programs and opportunities for undergraduate students at Villanova. We sponsor multiple tracks of the Villanova Leadership Academy in both the fall and spring semesters. In addition to the on-campus leadership series, we often bring in speakers from off-campus to focus on leadership from many different perspectives. Two programs this semester, the Emerging Leaders Institute and the Student Leadership Forum in Washington, DC, bring together a number of offices from across campus to focus on student leadership development. Additionally, we offer Leadership Lunches for current student leaders to enhance their “practical” leadership skills and share best practices with other student leaders. Finally, our office will regularly host workshops and training sessions for leaders of any student organization on a number of different topics including recruitment and retention, transitioning, goal setting, and crisis management.


Fresh@News: Many students at Villanova were involved in their High School.  If a student is looking to get more involved on campus, how can they get started?

R.G.: We are blessed with a dynamic and motivated student body at Villanova. Many students were involved in leadership positions in high school and can often become discouraged when rejected from a club or organization in college. My advice to these students: stay motivated! There is a place for everyone at Villanova. Our office hosts numerous programs for emerging leaders and we are happy to assist you during your leadership journey. I find that many students who are having trouble getting involved on campus either encounter  difficulty during the interview experience, or more often, are not appropriately seeking opportunities across campus that align best with their strengths and personal/professional goals. I am happy to meet with these students at any point in the semester. Looking ahead to the summer, use the time “off” intentionally! For example, if you are applying for Special Olympics in the Fall, perhaps consider volunteering for an organization this summer that serves people with disabilities. Use the summer to develop skills and cultivate experiences that will help you stand out and excel in the interview. More information regarding upcoming leadership programs and workshops can be found on our leadership website.


Fresh@News: Your office is co-sponsoring a talk about leadership by Hawa Abdallah Mohammed Salih on Wednesday, April 9.  What will she talk with Villanova students about?

R.G.: Born in North Darfur, Hawa and her family were forced to flee their home village in 2003 due to fighting between Darfuri rebels and government forces. As a result, she spent much of her young adult life in Abu Shouk internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in El Fasher, North Darfur, where she emerged as a prominent voice for this community. For her advocacy, Hawa has been persecuted and detained on multiple occasions by the Government of Sudan, and was forced to flee Sudan in 2011.

Hawa Abdallah Mohammed Salih is a Darfuri activist and a recipient of the 2012 U.S. Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award. Hawa, a resident of Abu Shouk camp, was among 10 women who received the award, in the presence of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama.


We look forward to welcoming Hawa to Villanova University on Wednesday, April 9 at 4:30 pm in the Villanova Room. Tickets are free and can be purchased at www.villanovatix.com. This is event is co-sponsored by the Office of Student Development, the Center for Multicultural Affairs Diversity Programming Committee, and CARD – the Coalition Advocating for Rights & Dignity.



Fresh@News: What can parents do to encourage students who are interested in exploring leadership opportunities?

R.G.: There are many resources on campus for students seeking leadership opportunities. A good place to start is by visiting our Office of Leadership Programs website. Students should get involved on campus as a general member of a club or organization. As I often tell students, “leadership is a process and not a position.” Even if you are not “President” of an organization, you can still play a significant leadership role in the life of a club or organization. Finally, I am always available to discuss leadership opportunities at Villanova. Any student can stop by my office in 108 Dougherty Hall or can e-mail me at ralph.gigliotti@villanova.edu.






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