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[Fresh] Fresh@News: Nova Safe App


Fresh@news is interviewing Mr. David Tedjeske, Director of Public Safety, who will explain the basic functions of his department and introduce a new feature, the Nova Safe App.


Fresh@news: Public Safety is such a large part of our campus community.  Why don’t you start by telling us a few highlights of your department? 

D. Tedjeske: Our department is responsible for the safety and security of campus, on a daily basis, as well as for special events.  We also coordinate the shuttle services, campus escorts, parking permits, van fleet reservations, self-defense classes, and a lot more.  We are a busy office with many services available 24 hours a day. For a comprehensive look into our department, feel free to visit our website for more detailed info.


Fresh@news:  Public Safety recently rolled out a new personal safety app. Can you explain the functionality and benefits of Nova Safe?

D. Tedjeske: It’s a very useful, free app for the smartphone designed for the Villanova community, to enhance the safety and security of our students, faculty, and staff. It will allow our Public Safety department the ability to respond more quickly to emergency situations and provide us with more detailed information than ever before.


Fresh@news:  Campus seems to be in a nice, quiet area. Why do we need the Nova Safe app?

D. Tedjeske: We’re very fortunate that Villanova is a safe campus. However, emergencies happen and this app helps our Public Safety Department handle them more efficiently. By building your profile and allowing GPS tracking, we are able to know immediately who you are and where you are located when you contact Public Safety. We get there faster and are more prepared to handle the situation.


Fresh@news: How do people use it?

D. Tedjeske: After you download the app from the App Store or Google Play, the Nova Safe app will walk you through a quick profile setup. By building your profile, we know who you are as soon as you contact Public Safety.


Nova Safe provides a wide range of functionality. Let’s start with the Emergency Calling and Texting. By making an emergency call from the Nova Safe app, an alert notifies our Public Safety dispatcher that you may need help. Immediately, that dispatcher sees your profile and current location and you are instantly connected with emergency response. You can also choose the Text Public Safety option, which is monitored by the Department 24/7.


Fresh@news: Can you explain some of the other functionality? How will it help my son or daughter as an active freshman at Villanova?

D. Tedjeske: There’s a lot that this app can do! For instance, we have built a “Friend Watch” function. This lets emergency contacts know when you are out and expect to return. For example, say your son decides to go for a run.  He simply lets his contacts know that he is exercising and when he plans to be back and the contacts will be sent a text with that information (the contacts don’t need to have downloaded the app in order for this to work). Students can also “Check In” with their contacts – sending a one-time text message letting them know where they are, along with a link to the most recent location.


We still feel it’s incredibly important for users to practice common sense and make safe judgments regarding their safety, but Friend Watch really adds another “set of eyes” to watch over the student and the situation.


Fresh@news: Can contacts track a user if they aren’t actively participating in Friend Watch?

D. Tedjeske: Absolutely not. The only way contacts will know a user’s location is if they are actively using this app and choose to check in and provide a location.


Fresh@news: What if I see something happening on campus? What can I do?

D. Tedjeske: Via Nova Safe, you can report anything abnormal or you feel the University should know about – a crime, suspicious activity, a maintenance issue or something as simple as an icy sidewalk. You can take a picture or video of the situation and send it (anonymously if you choose) to Public Safety. This will be a huge help to our department and will provide more detailed information about things going on around campus.


Remember, we do not want anyone to put themselves in harm’s way in order to provide a tip. Putting yourself in jeopardy to report a problem is not worth it. Instead, get to a safe location and use the Emergency Call Feature.        


Fresh@news: That was a lot of information! Thank you for sharing the details about the Nova Safe app.

D. Tedjeske: My pleasure. The safety and security of the Villanova community is our number one priority. I encourage everyone to download the free app to their smartphone immediately via the App Store or Google Play. Further detail regarding Nova Safe is also available at on Public Safety’s website




Safe Travels & Good Luck to our Mens Basketball Team as they travel to Houston for the Final Four!







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