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[Fresh] Fresh@News: Feeling Thankful

Fresh@News would like to wish you and your family

a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.


We asked members of the Class of 2020 to finish the sentence “I am most thankful for…” and would like to share a few responses with you:



*    My health and the health of my family members.


*    All of the amazing opportunities that Villanova has given me!


*    My roommates and that we get along pretty well.


*    Family, friends and my dogJ


*    Having a great first semester and the community among friends and hallmates.


*    The never-ending support of my family.


*    My family and friends at home and here at Villanova.


*    All the wonderful people I have met since I came here, especially my RA.


*    For the dance team giving me an opportunity to continue doing something I love here at Villanova.


*    The amazing people I have become friends with.


*    The great opportunity to meet other Villanovans and to receive a top-notch education.


*    The upcoming break and the opportunity to sleep!


We hope that you have a wonderful holiday with your son or daughter

and that you both enjoy your time together!



Encourage your son or daughter to join us for Agape Latte on Tuesday November 29 in the St. Rita’s Community Room at 8pm.    Agape Latte is a monthly event designed for students seeking to learn more about faith and religion in an inviting social environment.  The program has a  coffeehouse-style setting, and includes a 30-minute reflection by a faculty or staff member with student questions following. In the reflection, a leader from campus shares an aspect of their faith journey that invites students to reflect on their own life questions. Speakers address topics such as a friendship, hope, forgiveness, prayer, dating, and discernment.




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