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[Fresh] Fresh@News: Preparing for Sophomore Year

For most parents, time has passed quickly since that hot day in August when you moved your son/daughter onto campus and began his/her Villanova experience.   The students may be thinking that Move-In Day feels like 8 years ago, not 8 months, or they may feel as though it was just last week!   Fresh@News would like to offer some tips for parents to prepare themselves (and their child!) for the next step: Sophomore Year!


*    Welcome “Home”: We talk a lot about the transition TO college, but also want to be aware of the transition FROM college. As you may have discovered the first time your student came home, their lifestyle at school can be vastly different from what you expect in your own house.   It may be best to talk with your student about your expectations while they are home over the summer. And try not to be offended if they call Villanova “home”; that’s simply a positive sign that they are adjusting well and feeling comfortable on campus.


*    Continued Guidance: Even though next year will be “old hat” to some students, they will inevitably encounter new challenges and obstacles continuing into sophomore year.  Continually be supportive and act as a resource for them as they progress through their academic career at Villanova.


*    Getting Involved: Encouraging your student to get involved is something we focus on with our freshman since it is a great way to feel connected at Villanova. However, this is true for all 4 years, not just their first one!  Some students aren’t ready to add anything to their plate until they have a year of college academics under their belt, and now is the time to get out there and find something that interests them to get involved with.  An Activities Fair is held at the beginning of each semester for the entire community (not just freshmen!).


*    Celebrate:  Whether it is participating in our Sophomore Retreat program called “At the Half” or researching internships available in their newly declared major, students and their families should celebrate the accomplishments of successfully navigating through the ups and downs of the first half of their college career. Taking a deep breath and sharing their experience with you will help you both appreciate all that your son/daughter have accomplished through the first two years at Villanova!


*    Stay Connected:  We will continue to mail you the Parents Connection Newsletter a few times a year, and we encourage you to browse the Office of First and Second Year Initiatives website specifically for sophomores to see what is happening on campus and explore resources. We will also include you on our email newsletter for sophomore parents, “Soph@news”, once a semester that will provide timely information relevant to your sophomore’s experiences.


*    Support In and Out of the Classroom: As students take a closer look at choosing a major or minor and begin to explore careers, be supportive of their experience through conversations about their coursework, favorite professors, possible graduate degrees in their future, etc. This may help them clarify which path is best suited for them. For topics outside of the classroom, conversations about their friends, roommates and social life can also open doors for communication about positive decision-making and a healthy lifestyle.


We hope that you have enjoyed the Fresh@News E-newsletter throughout this past year. Next year, stay tuned for programming, events, and resources specifically focused on the second year at Villanova.   If you have any questions pertaining to the sophomore year, please feel free to email parents@villanova.edu.


Have a wonderful summer!