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[Soph] Welcome to Soph@News!

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Welcome to Soph@News, Villanova's new e-mail newsletter for parents and friends of the Class of 2013. Throughout the year we will be sending you occasional postings about activities at Villanova University that relate to the second year experience, so you can stay connected and informed about your student’s sophomore year.




Sophomore Quad Renovations – The school year opened with over 800 sophomore students moving into the newly renovated Sheehan and Sullivan Halls, commonly known as “the quad.” As the largest residence halls for sophomores, they now offer completely refurbished bathrooms, bigger room layouts with new furniture, as well as an updated sprinkler system, new lighting, and other amenities. 


St. Thomas of Villanova Celebration Villanova hosted its yearly celebration honoring the patron saint of the University with four days of special events on September 9-12. The celebration was highlighted by the Day of Service on Saturday, September 11th where over 1000 sophomores were up bright and early to spend the day serving in the local community. Students served at over 180 different sites in the Philadelphia area, with a total of 4500 volunteers from the Villanova community. 


Parent’s Weekend – September 17-19 marked Villanova’s traditional Parent’s Weekend as a special time for parents to visit their students at the start of a new season. Besides some quality time together, sophomores and their families also enjoyed many special events including the Villanova football team’s crushing victory over Towson University, and An Evening with Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live’s head writer and comedian.    


Career Fair On Wednesday, September 15th Villanova students met with over 135 employers and organizations at the annual Fall Career Fair in the Pavilion. This was a great opportunity for sophomores to get a head start on their summer internship search, or polish up their networking skills. Sophomores in the market for career experience should check out Villanova’s Career Center and their many resources and events. If you’re interested in what the Career Center can do for your student check out their website at www.careers.villanova.edu, and stay tuned for future editions of Soph@News that will highlight the Villanova Career Center’s offerings.     


Homecoming Weekend – Sophomores will see that the Villanova community extends well beyond a student’s four years here as hundreds of alumni flock to campus for Homecoming Weekend on October 22-23. Sophomores will have the chance to meet and network with alumni from through the years at various events on campus, including the Homecoming football game against James Madison University on Saturday, October 23. 



Soph@News interviewed a few sophomores to see what they thought about their second year experience:


What are you most looking forward to during your sophomore year?

I’m really excited about getting to delve more into my major. Now that many of my core requirements are complete, I will be taking classes that are more specific to my major, and they all seem really interesting! – Jess Wamala, Milford, NH

I’m looking forward to all of the opportunities for sophomores, whether it’s all of the service, clubs, or activities. Now that I’m aware of all of them, and can take the time to get involved, I’m excited to take advantage of a lot of them! Also, living in the Quad this year definitely makes social life much easier to be a part of! – James Cassidy, Staten Island, NY


As a new sophomore, what are you unsure about?

I’m a little worried about staying motivated and staying on top of my classes, which are sure to be harder now that I’m a sophomore. Also, I want to make sure that I’m able to balance my academics with all of my extracurricular activities, while still being able to participate fully in everything. – Dave Lawler, West Borough, MA


Deciding if I want to study abroad is definitely a huge challenge for me. I’m not sure how I feel about being away from ‘Nova for a whole semester, but at the same time, I want to have that “once in a lifetime” experience of going abroad. – Russell Quinones, Staten Island, NY

What are some of your hopes and goals for your sophomore year?

I definitely hope to keep doing well in all of my classes and I hope to get more involved with organizations that I am interested in. Also, now that I am a sophomore, it is my goal to begin to develop myself as an adult rather than a teenager. – Shannon Walsh, Stony Point, NY


I really want to continue to take advantage of all VU has to offer, and stay active and involved with all of my clubs and activities. Also, one big, important goal for me this year is to declare my major and any minors I might be interested in! –Kyra Limberakis, Fort Washington, PA




College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Majors Fair – Is your sophomore still undeclared and still unsure about his/her major? While it is normal for sophomores to still be undecided, it is definitely time for them to start narrowing down their college major choices.

Sophomores are invited to attend the “Majors Fair” hosted by the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Students will be able to explore the various majors as well as meet administrators, professors, current students, and new peers within the college. All undecided students are strongly encouraged to attend! The fair will be on Friday, October 1 from 2-4pm in the Villanova Room, Connelly Center.


VU Sports – Fall at Villanova is packed with competition as our varsity athletes take on the best teams in the country! Encourage your student to show off their school spirit and cheer our teams to victory at our home games, including football, soccer, volleyball and many other varsity sports!


Your Student’s RA – Resident Assistants (RAs) are not just in the freshmen residence halls! All sophomore residence halls have RAs whose duty is not only to ensure a safe, healthy, and respectful living community, but also to serve as a great resource for your student for any questions or concerns that might come up. Also, encourage your student to take advantage of the many opportunities RAs provide to build community within the sophomore residence halls!




As the mid-semester mark approaches not only is fall break on the horizon, but so is spring semester class registration! Stay tuned for the next edition of Soph@News where we will explore spring course registration, and what you and your sophomore need to know about selecting classes for their second semester sophomore year.  Future Soph@news topic will include: Studying Abroad, Internships, Housing Lottery, and more!




Thank you for reading the first edition of Soph@News, a new initiative to keep Sophomore parents connected to campus. We value your feedback, suggestions for future editions, and all general questions. Please contact us at parents@villanova.edu, or visit our website at www.parents.villanova.edu



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