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Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week – Last week was the annual Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (HHAW). This campus-wide initiative seeks to raise awareness in the Villanova community about hunger and homelessness within the United States and around the world through education, service and advocacy.  Events included a keynote address by food activist Mark Winne, food and clothing drives, fast day, fair trade craft sale, Hunger Run/Walk with Back On My Feet and solidarity sleep out. HHAW was founded in 1975 by the Rev. Raymond Jackson, O.S.A.


Villanova Ranked Highly as a Fulbright Scholar Producer – Villanova has again placed among the top producers of U.S. Fulbright Students in masters level institutions, as reported in the Oct. 25, 2010, edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Every year since 1994, Villanova has had one or more Fulbright students and has placed consistently on this list from the Chronicle since 2004. "Such a wonderful accomplishment is testament to the excellence of Villanova's academic and co-curricular programs and to the outstanding students who seek to extend their Villanova education by serving as representatives of Villanova and the United States abroad as U.S. Fulbright Students," says Jane Morris, director of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships.  


Thanksgiving Break – The holiday season is upon us already! The last day of classes will be on Tuesday, November 23rd, and classes resume on Monday, November 29th. Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


FEATURED: The Villanova University Career Center…

Villanova’s Career Center is a fantastic resource for sophomores and offers a wide-array of services to all students. This week, Soph@News took some questions frequently asked from sophomore parents and asked the Career Center to fill us in on everything they have to offer!


Where should my sophomore be in the career development process?

Now that your sophomore is comfortable with the academic system, faculty and advisors, it is likely time to gain some experience. It is important for sophomores to gain a variety of experiences to build their skill sets which will eventually transfer to the workplace.  This can be done through several avenues including remaining active in on-campus clubs and activities, considering leadership positions in these organizations, attending events and volunteering off campus, studying abroad, and building a good work reputation both in part-time jobs and in upcoming internships.


It’s important to note, however, that students progress through the career development process at their own pace. Please know that the Career Center is here to meet all students wherever they are in the process to help them get to the next step.


How should my sophomore go about choosing a major?

By the end of sophomore year, most sophomores have declared a major. If your student feels lost in the process, the Career Center can help with individual career counseling, including assessment tools to help students find their strengths, interests, work style preferences and, ultimately, career fields.  Knowing what career fields might best suit students and determining which majors will best prepare them for these fields is one way to choose a major.  Check out “What Can I Do With My Major” at: http://www.villanova.edu/vpaa/careers/plan/major.htm 


We also suggest students examine a potential major’s curriculum and talk with their academic advisors to best understand what a major entails.  Finding seniors in a major and discussing their experiences with the curriculum is also a great idea.


When considering a double or a triple major, students shouldn’t pick them unless they are really interested in a subject.  Leave room in the curriculum for study abroad, internships for credit, or an exciting free elective class.


My student likes several different career fields.  How can he/she learn more about a career before searching for an internship?

First, students can check out the nature of a job, education needed, and salary standards by visiting the U.S. Department of Labor’s reference site for occupations: http://www.bls.gov/oco/.  Once they have narrowed down the list of choices, they can talk to a professional in each of the remaining fields.  Students can find professionals to discuss a career field through several methods of connecting with people.  We suggest students reach out to their own network, such as family, friends, and neighbors, or, students can check out “Career Connections,” a Villanova Alumni mentoring network: http://www.villanova.edu/vpaa/careers/resources/mentoring.htm  Students can search for alumni working in their field of interest and ask questions about what that job really looks and feels like. 


What steps should my sophomore take to find a meaningful internship?

·       Decide which career field to experience.

·       Create a resume geared toward that field. Find tips and download a resume writing guide at: http://www.villanova.edu/vpaa/careers/resources/tips/resumewriting.htm

·       Make an appointment with the Career Center to further develop the resume. After the appointment, polish it and bring it back during our Walk- In hours (weekdays from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.) for a final review.

·       Get familiar with GoNova—Villanova’s online job posting site, where students can upload and publish a polished resume to their profile. Search for internship opportunities by keyword, major, industry, or by employer. http://www.villanova.edu/vpaa/careers/findjob/experienceaccount.htm

·       Tell professors, family, friends, and neighbors what they’re looking for in an internship.  80% of jobs are found through networking.

·       Out of Region? If your student is looking for an internship outside of the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., the Career Center is available to talk about ways to search for an internship in another region.

·       Practice for the interview!  The Career Center provides mock interviews in order to prepare students for upcoming interviews. Students arrive not knowing what to expect in the interviewing process, and most often feel confident and prepared after a practice interview.


What’s new with the Career Center?

The Career Center has a new home in Garey Hall on the west side of campus. We have a beautiful new space that better reflects the vast array of services we provide to our students—but we’ve still kept our friendly atmosphere.  Our new Center boasts a more spacious Career Café in which students can have a cup of coffee and read a selection from our Career Library.  Top employers in the Mid Atlantic Region visit our 11-room interviewing suite for on-campus recruiting for both internship opportunities and full-time employment.


Students may walk to our office or take the shuttle here from any stop on campus.  Students can make an appointment by calling 610-519-4060 any weekday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Check our website often for upcoming events and workshops by visiting careers.villanova.edu.




Merry Christmas Villanova –Merry Christmas Villanova Week is a festive week of events sponsored by Campus Activities Team's Special Events Committee.  With so many events, there's really something for everyone.  Originally a few CAT events, Merry Christmas Villanova Week has truly grown to encompass many events and holiday traditions celebrated by our diverse Villanova University community.  Events are open to the entire Villanova University community - students, faculty, staff and alumni. Merry Christmas Villanova Week is November 29 - December 4, 2010!


Study Break Snacks– Want to send your son or daughter a birthday surprise, a good study break snack, or even a fun holiday treat? The Villanova Band cake fundraiser is the perfect way! You can have a cake or cupcakes delivered right to your son or daughter’s dorm room. They’re perfect for any occasion—birthdays, holidays, or just a special surprise!  Ordering is simple! Go to our website at www.vuband.com/cakes. Christmas Cookie orders are due December 3rd, Birthday Cake & Cupcake orders are due 2 weeks in advance.




After the Thanksgiving break, Soph@News will share some insights and tips on the study abroad programs available to Villanova students.



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