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[Soph] Soph@News: The Junior Year Experience

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Engineering Students Develop a “Greener” Clean Villanova engineering students have been converting used cooking oil from Dining Services into biodiesel fuel for University grounds equipment for several years now. This year, the students wanted to take it one step further and use the leftover glycerin from the oil to fuel conversion. After extensive research, the students hit upon a clever solution: sustainable soap made from the leftover glycerin. The College of Engineering uses the soap to clean lab equipment, as hand soap in bathrooms, and as a popular giveaway at conferences and student candidate visits. They are currently investigating the possibility of increasing production for distribution outside the University.

Villanova’s Center for Social Justice Film Recognized for “Filmmaking Dedicated to the Greater Good” - Villanova’s Center for Social Justice Film course has become an influential spokesperson to the public, producing social justice documentaries that position the students as advocates for important social change in the community. Recognizing the Center’s efforts towards “filmmaking dedicated to the greater good,” the Garden State Film Festival has named Villanova’s Center for Social Justice Film the recipient of its 2011 “Broader Vision Award.” Housed within the University’s Waterhouse Family Institute for the Study of Communication and Society, the Center for Social Justice Film allows students from all majors the unique opportunity to learn the art and craft of filmmaking, and then use their experience to create documentaries that explore important issues and are utilized in the service of social justice.

A Global Pharma View, From a Local Business Leader  Tom Murphy, CIO of AmerisourceBergen, spoke to over 200 Villanova sophomores on March 25. He is a highly recognized business leader, having recently been named to CIO.com's Hall of Fame for his transformation of AmerisourceBergen, as well as having past leadership positions at Marriott and Royal Caribbean International. Murphy addressed the challenges he has faced as the leader of the largest U.S. pharmaceutical service and spoke to the sophomores on how technology is used to respond to business needs.

Villanova Celebrates Earth Day in Big Ways Evidenced by its ranking as a "Cool School" and its many projects promoting sustainability, the Villanova community is always finding new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle toward a cleaner earth. This year, students, faculty, staff and members of the local community celebrated the 41st anniversary of Earth Day. A keynote address, a farmer's market, and various festivals on campus highlighted this year's event.


FEATURED: The Junior Year Experience

This academic year is starting to wrap up, but before you know it, your student’s junior year at Villanova will have arrived. Soph@News takes a look at what’s in store for next year, and what there is to look forward to for the class of 2013.


à  Leadership Opportunities

Halfway through their college career, juniors will have the experience to begin moving into leadership positions on campus. Whether it is in their clubs, organizations, teams, or societies, the Class of 2013 will emerge as the next student leaders at Villanova. Running for an elected position in an organization, applying to be a chairperson for a club, tutoring underclassman in your major, or becoming a peer-advisor for fellow students are all possibilities for the new upperclassmen. As a junior, these are great opportunities to gain valuable leadership experience that will take your student far in their personal and professional careers.

Words from the wise:

“As a junior, you’ve really gotten used to the rhythm of things around campus which gives you the opportunity to step-up as a leader at Villanova. My advice would be to try and strive to lead in as many ways as possible. Not only will this be a great experience for you as you lead your peers, but also it is experience that will help you out in the future by teaching you great life skills.” Joe Orkwiszewski, Junior, Communication, Abington, PA


à  Junior Living

Next year, most of the Class of 2013 will transition from living in the residence halls, to living in the West Campus Apartments. The junior apartments provide the unique opportunity for students to continue their transition towards independence. Juniors will be able to cook, clean, and decorate their own apartment along with their other roommates.

The apartments still are considered “on-campus” housing and still have traditional resident assistants (RAs), similar to the underclassmen residence halls. However, juniors living in the apartments will be presented with a lifestyle change that will be similar to living independently. While they will not be responsible for utilities, working with landlords, or the like, the junior apartments are a unique community which will certainly enhance your students’ college experience, and start to prepare them to live on their own in the future.  

Words from the wise:

“Living on west campus is a great transition, especially knowing you’re going to live off-campus your senior year. It’s a good in-between. I love being able to make my own food, but still go to the dining hall if I want to. Also, coming from the residence halls, it’s great to have so much more space in the apartments. Living with three other people is also really fun and is a great experience.”  Emily Poworoznek, Junior, Psychology, Princeton, NJ


à Study Abroad

If your student is planning on studying abroad, junior year is the time to do it! Most Villanova students who go abroad will do so either the first or second semester of their junior year. Due to the convenience of the junior year course curriculum, living arrangements, and overall timing in their college career, junior year is a great time to take advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad.  

Words from the wise:

“Studying abroad in Paris my first semester junior year was one of my most challenging and enlightening semesters. I gained a global perspective by immersing myself in another culture, while acting as an ambassador of Villanova. I would encourage everyone to study abroad if possible. Junior year is a great time to do so because it is a halfway point where you have gained two years of experience that has prepared you for this opportunity to study abroad. Then, when you return home, you still have the rest of your time at Villanova to live out the new perspectives you gained abroad.” Abby Butkus, Junior, Accounting & International Business, Morristown, NJ


à Thinking ahead 

Halfway through their college career, it may be hard for your rising juniors to imagine that graduation will be here sooner than they think. Junior year marks a time when the Class of 2013 will begin to think about their preliminary plans for the future beyond Villanova. Academically, students can take advantage of this year to begin finalizing their plans for any minors or perhaps even a second major. It is also important for students to look for a professional development opportunity, such as an internship, during their junior year for their last summer before graduation. Furthermore, next year is an exciting time for students to start formulating what they want their future to look like after graduation. Whether it’s an advanced degree in a graduate field, a year of service or employment, juniors will begin imagining the opportunities that lay ahead. The good news is they probably don’t need to set any plans in motion until senior year; junior year is the perfect opportunity to simply begin to think about where they are headed. A proactive mindset during their junior year can help students to begin thinking about which paths toward success they will travel.

Words from the wise:

“During junior year, you have the ability to take the classes that are specifically for your major, and you are finished with most of your core classes. While in your junior courses, it is important to think about if you could actually see yourself doing this in the future. It’s definitely time to start thinking about if you can apply this and make a living out of what you’re learning. Regardless, it’s an important time to start thinking about the possibilities.” Michael Calceglia, Junior, Finance & Accounting, Massapequa, NY


Can’t Miss Opportunities…


Summer Business Institute - The Villanova Summer Business Institute (SBI) is a rigorous ten-week program held every summer for undergraduate students to earn a business minor. Students’ SBI experience will broaden their skill set, strengthen their academic foundation, improve their problem solving and decision making skills, and serve as an impressive credential on their resume. The Summer 2011 SBI will be held from May 23 through July 27, 2011.  Students may opt to reside on campus or to commute to campus daily. Sophomores are encouraged to apply for the upcoming summer. Application deadline is April 30th.  The application and more information, including tuition details, can be found at http://www.villanova.edu/business/sbi/


Have a wonderful Spring and Enjoy the Easter Holiday!

From all of us in Student Life at Villanova



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