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[Soph] Soph@News: Thank you!

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Thank you for being a part of the inaugural year of Soph@News, Villanova’s new initiative to keep sophomore parents connected to campus. It has been a busy year and your student has grown in many ways—academically, personally, and spiritually.  Some sophomores may find the end of the year to be hectic and demanding, and others may feel comfortable with the pace and their surroundings. Either way, the Class of 2013 is ready to assume the role of Junior as they move into the second half of their college career.


Here’s a review of the main topics Soph@News has covered this year:

-The Second Year Experience

-Sophomore Course Registration

-Sophomore Service Break Experiences

-The Villanova University Career Center

-Study Abroad Opportunities

-Rising Junior Housing Selection

-A Closer Look at Villanova’s Four Colleges

-The Summer Internship Crunch

-The Junior Year Experience

-Dozens of opportunities and events around campus


We hope you have enjoyed reading this e-newsletter and staying connected to the Class of 2013.  Your email address will now be removed from the Soph@News list.. Your feedback is valuable to us! We would love to hear your suggestions and comments about Soph@News. Please contact us at parents@villanova.edu to let us know what you think!


Best of luck to you and your student as the Class of 2013 embarks on their junior year at Villanova! From all of us in Student Life….





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