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[Soph] SOPH@NEWS Information

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Welcome to Soph@News, Villanova's e-mail newsletter for parents and friends of the Class of 2014!  Over the year we will be sending you occasional postings about activities at Villanova University that relate to the second year experience, so you can stay connected and stay informed about your student’s sophomore year.

Soph@News is delivered to your inbox once a month and includes such topics as what’s happening on campus,  quotes from current sophomores on hot topics, various can’t-miss opportunities and a preview of what is to come in the next edition!  

If you have other family members that are interested in knowing more about the sophomore year experience, please ask them to subscribe directly from their email. If you are not interested in receiving this e-newsletter, please follow the instructions below for unsubscribing. 

Thank you for reading the first edition of Soph@News, an informative initiative to keep Sophomore parents connected to campus. We value your feedback, suggestions for future editions, and all general questions. Please contact us at parents@villanova.edu, or visit our website at  www.parents.villanova.edu.



This posting is part of an e-mail news service for parents and friends of Villanova's class of 2014.  To subscribe to this service, send an e-mail to majordomo@news.villanova.edu.  The text of your message should include two words: “subscribe soph”.  To stop receiving messages, send an e-mail to the same address with the words: “unsubscribe soph”.  Old messages are archived on the world wide web at: http://news.villanova.edu/soph/ .

No official news or policy statements are included in this service.  The postings provide supplemental background information for parents and friends of the class.  While the information is as accurate as possible, all information is subject to change without notice.  Please do not reply to these postings.   If you have specific questions, contact the appropriate office at Villanova University or email the Parents' Website at parents@villanova.edu.  See www.parents.villanova.edu  for phone numbers and further information about Villanova.