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[Soph] SOPH@NEWS: Course Registration

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Villanova to Host Special Olympics Pennsylvania’s 2011 Fall Festival - Thousands of Special Olympics athletes, coaches, volunteers, and supporters from across the state will once again descend upon Villanova University for Special Olympics Pennsylvania’s Annual Fall Festival, November 4-6, 2011. Returning to Villanova for the 23rd consecutive year, the event is the largest student-run Special Olympics competition in the world.


Villanovans Spent Fall Break Serving Communities Domestically and Globally - Over 350 students from Villanova University spent their fall break serving communities across the country and around the globe as part of Villanova’s Service Break Experience Program. Teams of students traveled to thirteen locations domestically, as well as nine sites internationally. Each year, Villanovans provide more than 220,000 hours of service to communities locally, regionally, and globally.


University Announces Historic Exchange Program with Abbey Theatre, Ireland's National Theatre -

Villanova University has accepted a prestigious invitation from the Abbey Theatre, Ireland’s National Theatre, to form a historic intellectual/artistic partnership. The University’s exchange program with the Abbey Theatre will create a bridge between the renowned Irish institution and Villanova’s Theatre and Irish Studies programs, offering classes, workshops, and events. The new joint venture will also enable a scholarly exchange giving Villanova students the opportunity to travel to Dublin to study abroad and intern at the Abbey Theatre.


FEATURED: Spring Semester Course Registration…

Now that Fall temperatures are upon us, so is the time for sophomores to register for their spring classes. Soph@News takes a look at spring course registration and breaks down the process:

·        Academic Advising

o   Advising is the first step in your son or daughter’s course registration process. The academic advising period officially began on October 21 and will continue for a few weeks during which point your student will be required to meet with their assigned academic advisor. Your student’s advisor will discuss progress in their current classes, advise which classes your student should take next semester to fulfill requirements, and answer any other questions or concerns your student may have.

o   Once your student meets with their advisor, they will be issued a “registration PIN,” meaning they have completed advising and will have access to the online class registration system. If your student is unsure who their assigned advisor is, they can find this information on NOVASIS or MyNova.


·        Class Selection

o   Your student can decide which classes and sections they would like to take by searching for classes in The Master Class Schedule, which is found under the “Student” tab in their MyNova account. They can easily search for classes by department, professor, or even day/time, to find the classes that interest them, fulfill their requirements, and fit into their schedule.

o   Once they find the classes they would like to take, it is important for them to note the “Course Registration Number (CRN),” which is the code they will use to register for that specific course. It is also important for your student to select some back-up classes, in case their first choice is full or closed before they register.


·        Course Registration System

o   Your student will have an assigned date and time when, with the use of their PIN, they will be able to access the Course Registration System. They can find their assigned time by clicking on “Check your registration status” under the student tab in their MyNova account. Here they will also be able to view whether they have any holds which might prevent them from registering. Holds may be placed on your student’s account due to outstanding tuition charges, overdue library books, etc.

o   Once your student has ensured that any holds have been resolved, they must wait until their assigned date and time before they can access the Course Registration System. When it is their assigned time, your student will be able to log into the system via MyNova and enter their course registration numbers (CRNs) to officially register for their classes. Your student will then immediately be able to view all of the classes they successfully registered for, as well as their weekly class schedule.

o   Please note that your student does not have to register for their classes exactly at their assigned registration time; this is simply the time they must wait until before they can access the system. However, students are urged to register for their classes promptly after their assigned time to ensure the classes they want are available.  


·        Drop/Add Period

o   Your student will be able to access the course registration system and adjust their class selections and schedule beginning at their assigned time, and up until the day before spring semester classes begin in January.

o   Once spring semester classes begin on January 17, 2012, your student will have until January 23, 2012 to drop or add any courses without penalty. This way, your student will be able to attend all classes for the first week, and still make changes to their schedule if they feel necessary. During the drop/add period, your student will need to fill out a form and have it signed by their advisor if they wish to drop or add a course without penalty.   


If your student has any questions or concerns regarding course registration they can visit their college or academic major departmental office, or contact their advisor for assistance. Parents can visit the registrar’s website at http://www.villanova.edu/enroll/registrar/ to find the academic calendar and other interesting information.


Villanova sophomores are abuzz with excitement and anticipation as course registration approaches…


Now that you are a sophomore, how do you view the importance of course registration?

 “I realize that it is definitely way more important than it was when we were freshman, because last year we were given our courses without us selecting them.  Now that we make all the selections, I can look online and compare teachers, find the best time, and start taking some classes that are my choice.”         


Since spring course registration is fast approaching, how are you preparing to register for your classes?

“I made it a point to declare my major this semester before spring registration, so I would have time to meet with my new advisor and start taking my major-specific classes.”


“Since I’m in the business school, I have a meeting with my peer academic counselor to go over all of my options, hear about the different professors, and see what requirements I need to fulfill.”


When your assigned registration time hits, what are some highly sought after classes you would like to register for?

“Since I’m in Liberal Arts, whichever classes fit the time I want, and also the requirements I need, works for me. I’m still undeclared, so I have a lot of requirements, but also a lot of options. I want to fulfill all of those so then I can eventually devote all of my classes to my major.”


“There are still a good amount of core classes that I need to take next semester so I definitely want to get in a section with the best possible professor and the best time.”


What is your biggest worry or concern regarding course registration?

“My biggest worry is that I will have a bad registration time and all the classes at late times will be full so I’ll have to take all early morning classes!”




Health Promotion Parent Webinar Series - Don’t forget to register for the upcoming Health Promotion Influencer Series parent webinar held on Thursday, November 10 at 7:00pm.  Our discussion will address student diet, with a special focus on vegan and vegetarianism, the pros and cons of the diets, and warning signs of disordered eating associated with major food choice changes. Join Health Promotion's Coordinator of Nutrition and Fitness Programs Kristen Hamilton, MS.Ed, RD, CSSD, LD, to learn about campus resources and what you can do to encourage your student to stay healthy at college.  Register now at https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/686466134. For more information about upcoming parent webinar presentations in the Health Promotion Influencer Series, please visit http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/studentlife/health/promotion/influencer.html.


Villanova vs. Delaware Football at PPL ParkThe annual Battle of the Blue game between Villanova and the University of Delaware will be held at PPL Park, home to Philadelphia’s Professional Soccer Team, the Philadelphia Union! The game kicks-off on November 19th at 3:30pm. Students can get tickets through the athletics ticket office. Tickets for the general public can be purchased at ComcastTix.com.


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