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[Soph] Soph@News: The Junior Year Experience

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Welcome to Soph@News!

It has been a busy year and your sophomore has grown in many ways—academically, personally, and spiritually.  Some sophomores may find the end of the year to be hectic and demanding, and others may feel comfortable with the pace and their surroundings. Either way, the Class of 2014 is ready to assume the role of Junior as they move into the second half of their college career!

We hope you enjoy this last edition of Soph@News...


FEATURED: The Junior Year Experience

Soph@News takes a look at what’s in store next year for the class of 2014…


à  Leadership Opportunities

Halfway through their college career, juniors will have the experience to begin moving into leadership positions on campus. Whether it is in their clubs, organizations, teams, or societies, the class of 2014 will emerge as the next student leaders at Villanova. Running for an elected position in an organization, applying to be a chairperson for a club, tutoring underclassman in your major, or becoming a peer-advisor for fellow students are all possible for the new upperclassmen. These are great opportunities for juniors to gain valuable leadership experience that will take them far in their personal and professional careers.

Words from the wise:

“Saint Augustine once said, ‘Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.’ Use the experiences after your sophomore year to continue to grow and lead for the betterment of others. Servant leadership is at the core of our Villanova values.” Chris Marroletti, Junior, Political Science Major, Malvern, PA

à  Junior Living

Next year, most of the Class of 2014 will transition from living in the residence halls, to living in the West Campus Apartments. The junior apartments provide the unique opportunity for students to continue their transition towards independence. Juniors will be able to cook, clean, and decorate their own apartment along with their three roommates.

The apartments are still considered “on-campus” housing and still have traditional resident assistants (RAs), similar to the residence halls. However, juniors living in the apartments will be presented with a lifestyle change that will be similar to living independently. While they will not be responsible for utilities, working with landlords, or the like, the junior apartments are a unique community which will certainly enhance their college experience and start to prepare them to live on their own in the future. 

Some juniors move off campus and face similar adjustments in learning to live in an apartment or house. Other juniors are on campus but continue to live in a residence hall. Those juniors enjoy living in community and all of the amenities of being on-campus.

Words from the wise:

“Living on west campus is a unique transition, especially knowing you’re going to live off-campus your senior year. It’s a good in-between. I love being able to make my own food, but still go to the dining hall if I want to. Also, coming from the residence halls, it’s great to have so much more space in the apartments. Living with three other people is also really fun and a never fails to be a great experience.”  Kyra Limberakis, Junior, Communication Major, Fort Washington, PA


àStudy Abroad

If your son or daughter is planning on studying abroad, junior year is the time to do it! Most Villanova students who go abroad will do so either the first or second semester of their junior year. Due to the convenience of the junior year course curriculum, living arrangements, and overall timing in their college career, junior year is a great time to take advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad.  For more information on study abroad opportunities, click here http://www.villanova.edu/vpaa/intlstudies/

Words from the wise:

“Studying abroad in Paris my first semester junior year was one of my most challenging and enlightening semesters. I gained a global perspective by immersing myself in another culture, while acting as an ambassador of Villanova. I would encourage everyone to study abroad if possible. Junior year is a great time to do so because it is a halfway point where you have gained two years of experience that has prepared you for this opportunity to study abroad. Then, when you return home, you still have the rest of your time at Villanova to live out the new perspectives you gained abroad.” Abby Butkus, Junior, Accounting & International Business, Morristown, NJ


àThinking ahead

Already half way through their college career, it’s hard to imagine that graduation will be here sooner than you think. Junior year marks a time when the class of 2014 will start to think about preliminary plans for the future. This is an exciting time for students to start formulating what could be in store for them after graduation. Whether it’s an advanced degree in law, medicine, or another graduate field, a year of service, or employment, juniors will begin imagining the opportunities that lay ahead. The good news is they probably don’t need to set any plans in motion until senior year; junior year is the perfect opportunity to simply think about where they are headed. With a proactive mindset, juniors can begin thinking about which path towards success they will travel. Many students pursue internships and similar opportunities to explore their interests. Both career services and individual college advising offices can be helpful.

Words from the wise:

“During junior year, you have the ability to take the classes that are specifically for your major, and you are finished with your core required classes. While in your junior classes, it is important to think about if you could actually see yourself doing this in the future. It’s definitely time to start thinking about if you can apply this and make a living out of what you’re learning. Regardless, it’s an important time to start thinking about the possibilities.” Michael Calceglia, Junior, Finance & Accounting, Massapequa, NY


A Message From The Office Of Health Promotion:

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We hope you enjoyed reading Soph@News and staying connected to the Class of 2014.

Your feedback is valuable to us! If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at parents@villanova.edu. Good luck as your student embarks on his or her junior year, and from all of us in Student Life…..

Have A Wonderful Summer!



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