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[Soph] SOPH@News: The Sophomore Year Plan

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Welcome to Soph@News, Villanova's e-mail newsletter for parents and friends of the Class of 2015.

Over the year we will send you occasional postings about activities and news at the University so you can stay connected and informed about your student’s second year experience.



Villanova ranked #1! - Villanova has once again earned the #1 placement in the Regional University–North category in U.S. News & World Report’s annual “America’s Best Colleges” rankings – marking the University’s 20th consecutive year in the top spot of that category. Additionally, the University is also once again ranked among the best value schools in the Regional University–North category for “Great Schools, Great Prices,” and Villanova’s College of Engineering has garnered the #10 ranking nationwide in the “Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs” category among schools whose highest degree is a bachelor's or master's.


St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service – On Saturday, September 22nd thousands of Villanovans joined together throughout the Greater Philadelphia region, volunteering at more than 140 service locations for the annual St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service. Partnering with local service organizations and neighborhood agencies, more than 4000 students, faculty, staff, alumni and their families took part in projects ranging from neighborhood clean-ups to packaging food for hunger relief organizations.


Career Fair – On Wednesday, September 12th some of the nation’s top employers visited Villanova’s campus for the annual Fall Career Fair where over 170 companies and organizations met with 1450 students and alumni. It was a great opportunity for sophomores to get a head start on their summer internship search or to polish up their networking skills. Sophomores in the market for career experience should check out Villanova’s Career Center and their many resources and events. See the Featured section below for some of the Career Center’s helpful hints specifically for sophomores.


University Selects “Little Princes” as 2012-13 Villanova One Book - Villanova has chosen “Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal” by Conor Grennan as its 2012-13 One Book Villanova program selection. “Little Princes” chronicles the author’s transformative journey from a three-month experience as a volunteer at a Nepalese orphanage to the discovery of a life-changing mission to rescue young victims of child trafficking. The One Book Villanova program will distribute a copy of “Little Princes” to each student in October, and will host author Conor Grennan on campus for a keynote speech in January. 


FEATURED: The Sophomore Year Plan…

Sophomore year is a pivotal time in your student’s college career where they must begin thinking about career/future plans as they approach their half-way point at Villanova. The University’s Career Center is here to help with some pointers on what your student’s plan should include…



·         Select or reconsider your major – Sophomore year is the time to select and commit to an academic major. It’s also a good time for your student to change majors if the one he/she already declared isn’t working out. Your student’s academic advisor and the Career Center’s counselors are great resources to help your sophomore make any and all decisions regarding their academic major.

·         Consider a minor or concentration – Dozens of minors and concentrations are available to round-out your student’s educational experience. Sophomores should select minors based on their interest and also relevance to their future plans. Academic advisors and career counselors are here to help students with these decisions as well.

·         Attend events on and off-campus – Villanova provides dozens of events, workshops, and recruiting opportunities on campus that students can take advantage of to help them prepare for their future. The surrounding Philadelphia area is also full of opportunities to further explore and build career connections. Students should stay on the look-out for networking opportunities and information sessions off-campus that can provide relevant experiences to give them a cutting edge.

·         Maintain/build involvement on campus – A student’s second year is a great time to further their involvement on campus. Sophomores will begin assuming leadership positions within their organizations, but it’s never too late for a student to get involved on campus. Maintaining and building campus involvement will allow your student to explore his/her interests, and of course, it will be a great addition to their resume!


·         Attend career fairs and programs – Meeting companies and organizations is an easy way for your student to get a sense of where their interests lie and what the job market looks like. Career fairs and other programs are also opportunities for your student to land those important summer internships. Villanova offers multiple career fairs and career-related programs throughout the year on campus.

·         Register with GoNova GoNova is Villanova’s online career database where employers interested in Villanova students post their job and internship opportunities with locations throughout the country. Sophomores can register for GoNova and begin to explore and utilize the system. Students can register on the Career Center’s website, and can also meet with a Career Counselor to learn more.

·         Write a resume It’s recommended that sophomores start putting together their professional resume if they have yet to do so. The Career Center offers weekly resume writing workshops, and career counselors are always available to help students turn their resume into a winner.  

·         Meet with a Career Counselor – The Career Center’s trained counselors are excellent resources for your sophomore to get help with selecting their major, gain insight on career/future plans, and to learn about resumes, networking, and interviewing. Sophomores can take advantage of this resource by simply scheduling an appointment with the Career Center. Students can meet with career counselors as many times as needed. Sophomores can also choose to meet with a Career Assistant, upperclassmen trained in resume writing who are ready and willing to help their fellow students with career-related advice.

·         Research other opportunities – Future plans can be overwhelming. Sophomores have the advantage of time on their side and can get ahead by starting to research any opportunities that might be of interest. These include careers, graduate school, service experiences, and more. Career counselors are able to help answer questions about possible options available after graduation. 


Villanova’s Career Center is located on-campus in Garey Hall. All services are free for students. To learn more visit www.careers.villanova.edu.



Soph@News interviewed a few sophomores to see how their second year experience is going so far….


How has this year as a sophomore been different than your freshman year?       

“I’m at lot more comfortable with the people around me and I know where I fit in the community so it makes everything much easier.” Joseph Monaldo, Finance Major, Overland Park, Kansas

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of your sophomore year?

“I’m really looking forward to my community service with the Sophomore Service Learning Community, and of course I’m looking forward to making more friends!” Ari Escobar, Political Science & History Major, New York, New York

How do you feel about being close to the half-way point of your college career?

“It’s amazing how quickly time has passed and how much the great experiences at Villanova have already piled up.”  Joey Reckamp, Chemical Engineering Major, Chicago, Illinois

What is your biggest worry or concern about your sophomore year?

“As my classwork piles up, some of my extracurricular experiences may be put off to the side. I want to make sure I have a good balance of everything this year.” Ethan Henbest, Civil Engineering Major, Pine Beach, New Jersey



At The Half - At The Half is a 3-day, 2-night FREE leadership and team building experience for Sophomores that will focus on developing leadership skills, building community, and growing personally and professionally. The get-away will include energizing activities and workshops to help students reflect on interests, experiences, values, and passions as they relate to college and their future. The At the Half program will be held off-campus from Friday, November 9th to Sunday, November 11th, 2012. Transportation and meals are provided. Students can register at the Student Development Office in 214 Dougherty Hall, or online by clicking HERE.


POWER Peer Educators – Does your student have an interest in college health issues such as nutrition, sexual health, or drugs and alcohol? If so, POWER (Peers Offering Wellness Education and Resources) may be the organization for you. POWER peer educators are students trained to discuss college health issues through creative games and programs to other students on campus. The Office of Health Promotion is now interviewing students for the fall semester. Students can apply online though this LINK.


Influencer Series Parent Webinars - Have you registered for the upcoming Health Promotion Influencer Series webinar presentations for parents? Registration is open for three webinar presentations. The first webinar, Money Matters, will be on Tuesday, November 6th at 7:00pm. Many college students report struggling with money management and are becoming more concerned about their financial stability and security.  Financial strain is one of the leading causes of stress and can negatively affect health in several ways. This webinar presentation, hosted by Dr. Nancy Heck of the Villanova School of Business, will give parents tips and resources they can share with their students to become more informed about financial decisions throughout the college years and into their professional lives. REGISTER NOW!



As the mid-semester mark approaches, not only is fall break on the horizon, but so is spring semester course registration! Stay tuned for the next edition of Soph@News where we will explore the details of course registration, and what you and your sophomore need to know about selecting classes for their second semester sophomore year!

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