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[Soph] SOPH@NEWS: Studying Abroad

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Villanovans Contribute to Vatican’s Social Media and Web Presence - Through an exclusive internship program with the Vatican, Villanova Communication and Computer Science students from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are helping change the ways in which the Vatican communicates with the rest of the world – through the Internet, multi-media technology and social media. In fact, Villanova Communication majors interning at the Vatican have even helped play a role in the December 12 launch of the Pope’s new Twitter account.


Villanova University Named a Top Producer of U.S. Fulbright Students - Villanova University is one of the nation’s top producers of Fulbright Students, according to an announcement made by The Fulbright Program, the U.S. government’s flagship international educational exchange program. Five Villanovans were awarded Fulbright awards for 2012-2013, maintaining the University’s record of having at least one student selected for the coveted scholarships each year since 1994. Villanova has also placed on the list of Top Producers of U.S. Fulbright Students among Masters Institutions every year since 2004 – a list highlighted annually by The Chronicle of Higher Education.  


Villanova Chapter of Habitat for Humanity Recognized for Advocacy Efforts The University’s Chapter of Habitat for Humanity was recently selected by Habitat for Humanity International as the recipient of the 2012 Build Louder Award, recognizing its advocacy efforts to help further Habitat’s mission worldwide. Villanova was recently presented with the award at the National Youth Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.


“Villanova in the Valley” Immerses Students in the Hub of Innovation and Technology - For the second consecutive year, Villanova’s Center for Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (ICE Center) will bring students from across the University’s schools and colleges to Silicon Valley, January 6-11, for the “Villanova in the Valley” program. Designed to expose students from across the University to the innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley, students will meet and network with alumni and others who work there. This year’s Villanova in the Valley cohort includes students whose academic interests range from Chemical Engineering and Finance to Nursing and Communication.

FEATURED: Villanova Study Abroad…


One out of every three students studies abroad as part of their Villanova education.


Villanova’s Office of International Studies provides students with the opportunity to experience the world beyond the borders of our campus and country. The focus is on student learning, and the goal is to provide programming that will allow students to become immersed in their host culture.


Villanova’s study abroad program is nationally recognized for having one of the highest percentage rates of total students who studied abroad. Dozens of different programs and support from the Office of International Studies makes this all possible. The most popular time for students to study abroad is during their junior year, so interested sophomores should start thinking about this once-in-a-lifetime experience now!


In 2011-2012, Villanova students were in 31 different nations.


The first step for students is to sign up for an appointment at the Office of International Studies (OIS). At these sessions, students will learn from a member of the OIS staff about everything they need to know to study overseas: costs, credit transfer, safety issues, types of programs, etc. Students are also given an application checklist which outlines the steps they need to take to study abroad.


At the initial information session, the most important requirement for students is to identify a skill that they want to develop while studying overseas. This skill can be academic (studies in a major, minor, or language acquisition); professional (internships, service learning); or even personal (artistic talent, or 'something I just can't do at Nova'). This skill becomes the focus as the OIS staff work with students to identify a program that best meets their needs.


Parents are the most important influence in their son or daughter's decision to study abroad.


As a parent, you can be most helpful. Encourage your student to think of overseas study not as a vacation, but as another aspect of his or her education. The OIS stresses that they are not a travel agency, and this is particularly true as students go through the process of selecting a program. Students that identify their program wishes by geography (choosing destinations by country and not by program strengths) are selling themselves short and missing an opportunity to develop both personally and academically. By helping your son or daughter to frame this opportunity in terms of a skill he or she wants to develop, you ensure that the experience is an extension of a Villanova University education.

The OIS works with programs that are located in virtually every country in the world. This means that students can go anywhere! Again, because of this flexibility, it is especially important that students not think of study abroad in terms of geography.  The only exception for destinations is when the State Department suggests otherwise. Villanova’s number one priority for students who are abroad is safety; therefore, students cannot study in countries which have a 'State Department Travel Warning.’ 


Students from 37 different majors across all four colleges studied abroad in 2011-2012.


All students, regardless of major, can study overseas. In addition, because financial aid transfers with the student, all students have the opportunity to study abroad regardless of financial need. Villanova University maintains a 'home tuition policy,' meaning that students that study overseas during the semester and/or year are charged Villanova University tuition.


Villanova University manages 18 international summer programs in 12 countries.


Some students are hesitant about studying abroad because they do not want to miss an entire semester at Villanova. The University also sponsors international summer programs in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The summer programs are fantastic opportunities to get the study abroad experience during the months of June, July, and August, while not missing out on any time at Villanova!

These experiences include intensive language programs, literature and civilization programs, Villanova School of Business programs, and area studies programs. They are directed by Villanova University faculty from all academic disciplines and departments who can provide your student with more information on each particular summer program.


Deadlines and more information:


The deadline to apply for Fall 2013 study abroad and for all summer programs is March 1, 2013. All fall & summer paperwork must be submitted to the OIS by this deadline to be considered eligible for fall & summer 2013 study abroad.

For all additional information, programs, forms, frequently asked questions, and contact information, check out OIS’s website at  http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/vpaa/intlstudies.html


Looking Ahead to Spring Semester…


Deadlines and As students return home for the holiday break, Soph@news is wrapping-up this semester with a look at what’s coming in 2013:


-Rising Junior Housing Selection: Soph@News will help explain rising junior housing selection and the process that sophomores will go through if they wish to reside in on-campus housing for the 2013-2014 academic year.

- A Look into the University’s Four Colleges & Sophomore Academic Major Selection: Take a peek into the four academic colleges at Villanova with Soph@news, and get an overview just in time for sophomores to select or change their academic major.

- The University Career Center & The Summer Internship Crunch: Villanova’s Career Center is here to help with their vast array of resources, workshops, and events. Soph@news will explain everything the Career Center has to offer, in addition to uncovering how sophomores can land that all-important summer internship.

- The Junior Year Experience: The end of the academic year will be here before we know it, and Soph@news will highlight what students have to look forward to as rising juniors.


2013 Spring Semester Snapshot


January 12 and 13

Residence halls open for students to return

January 14

Classes Begin

January 21

Martin Luther King Day (No Classes)

March 1


March 2-10

Spring Break

March 28-April 1

Easter Break

May 2

Final Day of Classes

May 3

Reading Day

May 4-10

Final Exams (no finals on 5/5)




From all of us in Student Life, have a wonderful holiday season!


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