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[Soph] Soph@News DECEMBER 2015

Happy Holidays from Soph@News!
December 2015

The SophoMORE Experience dedicated to serving Villanova students in their second year at the University. In an effort to keep you as parents informed and up to date on popular topics, Soph@News is disseminated twice a semester to all sophomore parents.

In addition to a regular listing of events and student information, this edition features information on issues pertinent to your student: study abroad experiences, the rising junior housing selection process, service opportunities, and more!

We are always looking for ways to improve Soph@News! Please feel free to provide us with feedback or topics of interest for future newsletters at sophexperience@villanova.edu.


With one semester of sophomore year having just wrapped up, it’s hard to start thinking about junior year already, but upper-class housing selection is just around the corner. Have your students pay attention to these FAQ’s about junior housing and tell them to be on the lookout for emails and updates from the Office for Residence Life!

Who is eligible for junior housing? Any current sophomore who has lived on campus both freshmen and sophomore year is eligible for junior housing (this does not include transfers or commuters).

When does the upper-class housing selection process occur? The upper-class housing process begins on Monday, January 11, 2016 with the availability of the Upper-Class Housing Application and Contract found on the housing website – www.housing.villanova.edu.  All students interested in residing on campus for the 2016-17 academic year must submit a housing application/contract to enter the housing selection process.

What should students be doing now? First, current sophomores should begin thinking about where they would like to live next year.   They have the option of living in one the traditional residence halls on main campus, St. Mary’s Hall on west campus or in a west campus apartment.  Apartment living is typically in groups of 4 (up to 5) students, while residence hall spaces are primarily doubles and singles, with limited triples, available in Delurey, Sheehan, St. Mary’s and Simpson Halls.

Tell me more about the apartments… The west campus apartments are Farley, Gallen, Klekotka, Jackson, Moulden, Rudolph, St. Clare and Welsh Halls. Three different individual types of apartments are available: A) 2 double bedrooms with a full kitchen and 1.5 baths B) 2 double bedrooms with a full kitchen and 2 full baths, or C) 4 single bedrooms with 2 full baths and a kitchenette (full refrigerator, microwave and sink, but no stove/oven).

Ok, my child wants to live in an on-campus apartment, now what? Students must decide on a group of three other students with whom they would like to live – they must keep in mind they will be sharing a whole new set of responsibilities with these friends (cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.). It is also possible to enter the selection process as an individual or group of less than 4; they will likely be matched up with other students at random to fill the remaining spaces. Once a group is established, each member should complete their housing contract (available January 11th on housing.villanova.edu). Once the housing contract deadline is reached – Friday, January 22nd, each student will be randomly assigned a housing selection time.  Whichever group member has the earliest selection time, that member will select the building and apartment they wish to live in, and the entire group will be secured in that spot. Dates and details for this process will come via email to students from the Office of Residence Life in the near future.

My child will be studying abroad junior year, what about him/her? Junior year is a very popular year to study abroad; students who intend to study abroad should still complete their housing contract but should indicate in the space provided that they intend to study abroad in either spring or fall. Students studying abroad in the fall will be contacted in October to arrange an apartment placement for spring semester. Students intending to study abroad in the spring should go through the housing selection process as described above but will move out of their assigned housing at Christmas break. Often, students coordinate a fall/spring roommate switch with friends who they know will be abroad in separate semesters.

This was really helpful, but I still have other questions… The Office for Residence Life offers a number of resources to make this process as easy as possible. Visit the Upper-Class Housing Selection information page or contact the Residence Life Office to speak with a staff member at 610-519-4154.


Is your son or daughter looking for a way to experience culture? Learn more about the global workplace? Ready to meet new people and experience new perspectives?

Study abroad is an excellent way for students to learn to appreciate other cultures, experience new ways of learning and become more independent – all while completing degree requirements that complement their on campus study and allow them to graduate on time. Villanova offers many opportunities for students to take their studies overseas; from one week course-embedded programs, to six week summer experiences, to semester and year-long adventures.

Villanova does not look at study abroad as a break or a vacation from learning, rather, study abroad with Villanova is a purposeful and integrated aspect of the overall college experience. The opportunity to live and learn from another culture, as well as to experience daily life in a different part of the world can provide study abroad participants with a great reason to reflect upon their own life, culture and identity.

Study abroad experiences will present students with many obstacles, from visa applications to learning to buy a plane ticket or navigating a different course enrollment process. These challenges give students the opportunities to grow and to develop skills that they will use in their life after Villanova and beyond college.

Study abroad isn’t for every student - there are many other ways that students can create a full and rich university experience by staying here on campus. But for the right student, study abroad is an incredible opportunity to experience personal and academic growth and explore the world beyond the Villanova campus.

If your student is interested in learning more about study abroad opportunities, encourage them to sign up and attend a group information session. These meeting are held 8 times a week in the Office of Education Abroad.

Deadlines :
April 1 – Villanova Summer programs 2016
April 1 – All fall 2016 programs and non-Villanova summer programs
October 15 – All spring 2017 programs


Make this holiday a day ON, not a day OFF, where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to improve lives, bridge social barriers, and move our nation closer to the "Beloved Community" that Dr. King envisioned.

As part of Villanova University’s strong commitment to serving our surrounding community, on January 18, 2016 the Center for Multicultural Affairs will be hosting the annual MLK Day of Service. This is a one day service opportunity where student volunteers will finish their day of service with a sense of awareness that transforms the way they see the world. Both the volunteers and the people we serve should be left with new relationships, influential memories, and emotions that empower them to continue working together towards a brighter tomorrow.

Designed to be an impactful day for both volunteers and community partners, this can be an amazing opportunity for students to start the spring semester off right! Students who participate will have the opportunity to meet other Villanovans, engage in meaningful service, and broaden perspectives. MLK Day of Service can be a great way to explore one’s cultural awareness and understanding in a one day event close to campus.

Registration for the MLK Day of Service closes on January 12, 2016. For more information, click here


Each semester break, hundreds of students (many of them sophomores!) participate in a Villanova Service Break Experience. Campus Ministry’s Service Break program provides opportunities for Villanova’s students, faculty, staff and alumni to practice their faith through service to the poor around the world during the University’s breaks. Through service and reflections, volunteers are transformed by identifying their connection with our global community as they experience another culture, spirituality, and socio-economic situation. We challenge our participants to become global citizens - not just citizens of the United States - as they use the lens of their education to experience and reflect upon the lives of individuals experiencing poverty. We hope this experience helps our students develop a personal commitment to making the world a better place by calling attention to the injustices of racism, poverty, sexism, etc.

Information regarding and applications for Spring Service Break Experiences are now available online here. Applications are due Tuesday, January 19. Please encourage your daughter/son to consider participating in this strong Villanova tradition of service!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Campus Ministry Service Break Experience Coordinator, Tim O’Connell (timothy.oconnell@villanova.edu; 610-519-4084).


We are excited to announce The Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR) as a great opportunity for your sophomore student!

IGR is a partnership between the Department of Communication and the Center for Multicultural Affairs. Through sustained and meaningful dialogue, student explore their differences, commonalities, and unique perspectives on the world. This program is a social justice education one-credit course in which students come to understand their role and obligation to live purposefully as global citizens within a diverse world. 

The program is an extension of our Augustinian commitment to service, and our dedication to being an inclusive community. It also offers social opportunities for students to connect with other students, faculty, and staff across campus.

By participating in a 7-week IGR course, students receive one credit in Communication. Students in Arts and Sciences majors can “bundle” three of the one-credit courses to meet the Diversity I requirement and students in the Villanova School of Business can bundle three one-credit classes for a free elective. Classes are small in size (8-12 students) to allow for dialogue and the opportunity to get to know other students and IGR faculty well. During each semester different IGR topics are offered. In Spring 2016, the following topical sections will be offered: Gender, Religion/Faith, Racial Identity, Socio-Economic Status, Race, Sexual Orientation, Advanced Race, and Advanced Race and Gender.  

The leadership skills learned through IGR enable students to engage in dialogue about a variety of issues in the real world, including with their family and friends, in the classrooms and residence halls, and in their future careers. While IGR classes are open to all students, sophomore year is a great time to take an IGR class and meet new people with different perspectives.   IGR will prepare students to be mindful and authentic leaders.

As one student in a gender IGR class stated,I probably won't be around to see the impact I make, but I am armed with knowledge; ways to deconstruct the institution of gender inequality. I also left your class with hope for a better future if I just work for it. For me, it was the death of that silly girl that walked into the class on the first day. But if it meant I left your class as a woman, I am all the more thankful…I am so honored to have been a part of this IGR experience

We look forward to seeing your son or daughter in IGR classes. For more information and registration visit the IGR website www.villanova.edu/igr or e-mail: IGRinfo@villanova.edu.


The foundation of our residence hall program is the Resident Assistant (RA) position. RAs are members of a community of student leaders who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our residential students at Villanova.

As mentors, RAs assist others in making our residence halls a place to call home. RAs provide leadership and guidance for residents, plan events to create opportunities to meet new people and learn new things, and serve as a resource for fellow students. RAs are housed in every residence hall and apartment building on campus.

Residence Life seeks dedicated student leaders with a passion for helping others and building community to serve on the RA staff for the 2016-2017 school year. If your student would like to learn more about becoming a RA, please see our Prospective RA page. Applications are due January 25th.


Second semester is when the pressure is on for sophomores to land that summer job or internship. As always, the Career Center is here to help with all of its resources, events, and career counselors. See below for upcoming events, and encourage your student to take advantage of everything the Career Center has to offer.


Villanova University, Falvey Library
Wednesday, January 27th


Villanova University, Connelly Center
February 2- Communication, Marketing, Media
February 2- Finance, Accounting, Consulting

February 3 - Engineering, Technology, Science, Big Data

Villanova University


Big East: Careers in Sports
Madison Square Garden, New York City
Thursday, March 10


Philadelphia Expo Center, Oaks, PA
Wednesday, April 6

St. Joseph’s University

Ten Tips for Students Starting the Internship Search

1. Begin networking now! Tell everyone you know that you are looking to gain work experience --relatives, family friends, neighbors, etc… You never know who might help you make the connection.
2. Seek guidance from your Academic Advisor, Professional Development Staff in your College and the Career Center.

3. Ask upperclassmen for recommendations on opportunities to pursue. They’ve already been through this…don’t try to re-invent the wheel!

4. Consider pursuing an International experience that may also offer relevant work experience…and meet with someone in the Office of Education Abroad to learn about potential opportunities: http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/vpaa/abroad.html

5. Use Handshake, Career Shift, and Idealist.org    

6. Create a profile on LinkedIn and connect with people on Career Connections and NovaNetwork: http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/advancement/alumni/novanetwork.html

7. Create a resume that highlights all the skills you have built thus far!

8. Use the Career Center for help with resume writing, cover letters, dressing for success and even a mock interview! Visit them in 117 Garey Hall or call to make an appointment at 610-519-4060.

9. Start asking your professors and current or previous employers if they would provide a recommendation for you! Most employers require recommendations, so you don’t want to wait until the last minute to ask for something as important as this!

10. Follow Up: Make a personal connection with the prospective employer. Send thank you notes and messages to let them know how interested you are in the position.

We'll be back in 2016 with the next edition of Soph@News!
You can reach us any time at sophexperience@villanova.edu

From all of us in Student Life at Villanova...
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!