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[Soph] Soph@news: May 2016

Spring Semester Comes to a Close with Soph@News!
May 2016

This edition features information on the following pertinent issues:

  • Staying Safe at Villanova
  • Helpful Tips for Junior Year
  • Upcoming Opportunities

Staying Safe at Villanova

The Public Safety Department has launched Nova Safe, a free, personal safety app designed to help Villanova’s Department of Public Safety respond to emergency situations quickly and provide users with important information.  The app is available for immediate download on the App Store and Google Play. Complete details regarding the Nova Safe are located on the Public Safety website.


Nova Safe includes six main functions:


1.      Emergency Calling & Texting: In the event of a personal emergency, the user can call or text Public Safety. Immediately, the dispatcher knows who the caller is and where they are located.


2.     Emergency Procedures: In the case of a campus emergency, users can quickly access directions for the particular situation.


3.     Friend Watch: This function allows the user’s emergency contacts to know when the user is out and expects to return. When selected, the user’s contacts will be sent a text message with these details. There is no need for the contacts to download the app in order for this functionality to work.


4.     Crime Map: The map provides a simple way to stay informed about crime on campus.


5.     Submit a Tip: This function allows users to quickly send photos and videos—anonymously, if desired—to Public Safety. These might include crime tips, suspicious activity, icy sidewalks, or maintenance issues.


6.     Where’s the Shuttle? Users can quickly access a schedule view and a live view of Villanova’s shuttles.


The safety and security of the Villanova community is the Department of Public Safety’s top priority. The Nova Safe app is the latest in a series of measures aimed at enhancing our current safe environment at Villanova University.

Tips for Junior Year

Each year at Villanova has some unique components and Junior year is no different! Here are some helpful tips for parents to be informed about their son or daughter’s upcoming experience:


·       While students can choose from a variety of housing options, many of our Juniors live in the West Campus Apartments complete with common living space, a kitchen, and bathrooms within the apartment itself.  Encourage open communication between the roommates about what they need for the new communal space and about who is bringing these items. Students have different expectations about the space and its helpful start that conversation this summer.


·       With this new space that includes a kitchen, meal plan options are often discussed.  Make the best decision for your son or daughter and work with our meal plan office to make sure you have what you need.


·       Some Juniors prepare to bring their cars to campus for the first time.  It’s important they follow the University guidelines and explore the options they have when deciding if they should bring a car.   A car is not a necessity on our campus; we are conveniently located near SEPTA train lines and have a variety of transportation options available that make it easy for all our students to get around the immediate area and into Philadelphia as well.


·       Many of our students choose to study abroad at some point during Junior year.  Our Office of Education Abroad is very helpful in giving parents the right tools to talk with their child about the program they are preparing for.  If students are planning to go abroad their Junior year, you have likely already been in communication with the office, as it can take months to prepare for the experience.  If your son or daughter will be on campus throughout Junior year, they may experience some changes in friendships/relationships as students leave and return, and possibly some feelings of missing out.


Upcoming Opportunities

Academic Calendar:  Please visit our website,  for information on important dates for the 2016-2017 year.  Upperclassmen move in on Monday, August 22 and Tuesday, August 23, and classes start on Wednesday, August 24.  Each year the calendar shifts slightly, so it’s always a good idea to take a look at the upcoming breaks and know how the semester will flow for your son or daughter.

Activities Fair:  Held at the beginning of each semester, the Activities Fair showcases so much of what Villanova has to offer its students outside the classroom.  The event is packed with student organizations representing everything from recreational opportunities to academic clubs to multicultural societies and more!  It is open to all students to jumpstart their involvement at the beginning of the semester. 

Parents Weekend:  We hope you will join us for a fun-filled weekend of events during Parents Weekend 2016.  The University will be hosting info sessions, open house for departments, student talent showcases and of course, athletic competitions!  Join us on campus September 16-18 and look for more information in the mail this summer.

Commencement Already!? Although it may be 2 years away, many families begin to make hotel reservations for their son or daughter’s Commencement.  The formal events will take place on Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19, 2018.  Your child might not be ready to think about leaving Villanova just yet, but many parents prefer to plan in advance!  Please visit our parents’ website for local hotel information.

We hope that your son or daughter continue to enjoy their time on campus

and look forward to another two amazing years!

We are always here if you have future questions!  Please email us at parents@villanova.edu with any questions or concerns.