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[Soph] Soph@News October 2016 - Introducing the SophoMORE Experience!

Welcome to Soph@News!

The Office of First and Second Year Initiatives is dedicated to serving Villanova students in their second year at the University. We work with representatives from across campus and aim to highlight resources and opportunities which might be helpful guiding sophomore students in navigating the unique challenges of this year.

In an effort to keep you as parents informed and up to date on these topics, Soph@News will be disseminated twice a semester to all sophomore parents. In addition to a regular listing of events, this edition features information on issues pertinent to your son or daughter: selecting a major, obtaining an internship, student job opportunities on campus, and important upcoming dates.

We are always looking for ways to improve Soph@News! Please feel free to provide us with feedback or topics of interest for future newsletters at sophexperience@villanova.edu.



AT THE HALF Retreat - for sophomores only! 

AT THE HALF is a weekend experience held off-campus on November 11-13.  The goals of the weekend are for Sophomores to focus on developing leadership skills, building community, and individual growth. AT THE HALF is a chance for your student to meet other Sophomores and approach common challenges together. Choosing a major, studying abroad, and connecting on campus will be discussed.

The get-away is held off-campus.  Included in the $25 registration fee are:

- Energizing activities and workshops to help your student reflect on their interests, experiences, values, and passions

- Transportation, housing, and meals

- Off-campus free time in a beautiful setting!

Registration is now open until filled!  Send this link to your son/daughter to register today: www.villanovatix.com   

Choosing or Changing A Major

It’s common for student to express new interests and change academic pursuits during sophomore year. While there are career paths that require specific degrees there are many professions for which there is no prescribed path. According to a study done by the New York Times, most students graduate with a higher GPA if they study something they are passionate about! These students are more likely to graduate in 4 years as well as get the chance to develop an expertise in something if they are deeply interested in it. They are more likely to seek out faculty or other experts to help them along the way, do meaningful research, and apply for internships that may lead to employment.

Luckily, there are many resources available to assist your son or daughter in this decision-making process. Here are a few helpful tips and links that you and your student can use to navigate the path to the right major!

- Encourage your student to think about what he or she is really interested in. Have they taken a class that was academically stimulating? Have they attended a seminar, workshop or event on campus that piqued their interest? Self-evaluation is an important part of this process. Ask your student what truly interests them—as this can significantly impact the major they choose. Have your student think about what will make them most happy in life, from many different perspectives- family, culture, financial, and their desired future lifestyle.

- Encourage your student to stop by the Career Center and take an Interest Inventory, for free! Interest inventories can be a great tool to measure academic strengths and interests in activities and occupations. A career counselor will administer the interest inventory and will assist your student in understanding their specific results. This process can help students become focused on specific career interests.

- Have your student meet with their Academic Advisor. All students on campus have primary Academic Advisors in their specific college. Academic Advisors are prepared to assist their students with navigating the major exploration process.

- Encourage your student to ‘test-drive’ a major by taking a few courses offered through different departments. Have your student speak to upperclassmen that are already declared in the major they may be interested in—this can help students understand what the coursework and major requirements will be. By taking classes that they are interested in, your student can get a feel for what the major is like, and if it may be the right fit.

As parents, this means there will be lots of changes in your student’s future. Take time now to engage in open conversation with your son or daughter. Listen closely to what prompted interest in this major; take time to learn what is inspiring learning with your son or daughter; investigate how this new major fits with your student’s personality, values, and character; encourage your student to participate in an internship in this new field or to talk with an alum with a similar degree.  


- Career Center Resources — Career Counselors are on campus and ready to assist your students in their decision-making process, decisions both big and small!

- Villanova School of Business Student Resources, available through the Clay Center.

- College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Student Resources, available through the Office For Undergraduate Students (OUS).

- College of Engineering Student Resources

- College of Nursing Student Resources

How VU Sophomores Land Internships

The top three ways employers report sourcing their interns are through "high touch" recruiting methods including: career fairs, on-campus recruiting and career services' job posting boards. Villanova's Career Center is proud to offer all three of these options to your sophomores:

1. Career Fairs. We hosted a very successful career fair on campus in September, and offer more on and off campus options throughout the year. Keep an eye out for our upcoming fairs:

- Big East Virtual Career Fair: October 26

- Nursing Career Fair: November 29

- Spring Career Fair: February 7-8

- Start-up Opportunity Fair: February 22

- The Greater Philadelphia Teacher Job Fair (at Philadelphia Expo Center): April 5

2. On-Campus Recruiting. Each year, we host more than 165 companies to schedule and hold their interviews for internships and jobs in the Career Center. Access these opportunities through our job and internship resource, Handshake, and campus events.

3. Handshake. Villanova's online job posting site boasting more than 6,000 internships and jobs posted each year. Every student has an account and is encouraged to log in and see what exciting resources are available.

Talk with your son or daughter about the multitude of ways the Career Center supports their exploration and encourage them to visit the Career Center by making an appointment at 610-519-4060.

Hello…It’s Villanova!


One campus job opportunity for Villanova students is the Villanova Phonathon. Student callers contact alumni and parents in an effort to encourage support of the University to benefit today’s students. It’s a great way for students to share their experience with our extended campus community, and connect with other students on campus! Get to know Mark Carey, a sophomore at Villanova who began calling his freshman year and was promoted to supervisor this year:


Name: Mark Carey      

Hometown: Washington Township, NJ

Studying: Computer Engineering Major with a Business Minor

Activities: Treasurer of Engineering Student Council, member of Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity, PEER tutor for Freshman Engineers

Favorite place to eat on campus: Café Nova – if it’s a really nice day, I love to eat at an outside table.

Favorite place to study: Center for Engineering Education and Research (CEER)

Why I love this job: The best thing about calling alumni and parents through the Phonathon is the opportunity to hear the experiences of so many Villanovans and the amazing advice I have received from them.  This advice that will not only help in my remaining years at Villanova, but for the rest of my life.


If your son or daughter is interested in learning more about the Villanova Phonathon, please contact Marci Paton at marci.paton@villanova.edu or 1-800-486-5244.

Upcoming Campus Events

Homecoming Events
October 17-23

Special Olympics Fall Festival
November 4-6

Important Dates:

November 22- Thanksgiving break begins after last class

November 28- Classes resume

December 12- Final Day of Class

December 13- Reading Day

December 14-20- Exams (no exams on Sunday 12/18)

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